British Columbia Oracle Application User Group (BCOAUG)
Organizational Charter

Mission Statement
BCOAUG is a users group dedicated to provide its members with various benefits to support the effective usage of Oracle Application products and services. BCOAUG relies on the energy and enthusiasm of its member companies to achieve its stated purposes and maintain the four values on which it is founded.

BCOAUG exists to support the effective usage of Oracle applications products and services. This is done by:

  1. Providing an environment that allows for the exchange of information, ideas and experiences concerning the implementation and use of Oracle products and services;
  2. Helping to keep the local Oracle applications users abreast of new product developments & future product direction.
  3. Disseminating information on support tools for the above, both from Oracle applications and other vendors.
  4. Providing an avenue for submitting product enhancements.
  5. Serving as a liaison to the international and regional OAUG user groups.


  1. Free exchange of ideas, experiences and information within the Oracle applications user community.
  2. Respect for copyright laws and the ownership of intellectual capital.
  3. BCOAUG is not to be used for recruitment purposes.
  4. BCOAUG's organizational structure is to be kept as informal and unencumbered as possible
The BCOAUG Community
BCOAUG community includes all British Columbia based organizations using or selling Oracle applications and related products and services.

The BCOAUG community is divided into two parts: members and vendors. Members are organizations that use Oracle applications products or services as part of their normal business operations. Vendors are organizations that sell Oracle applications products or services as a significant part of their normal business operations - this includes the Oracle Corporation.

Member & Vendor organizations are encouraged to make a presentation or host a BCOAUG session. Membership in the international Oracle Application User Group (OAUG) is not required but is encouraged.

BCOAUG does not require Vendor or Membership fees at this time.

Membership Process, Primary Contacts and Quorum
Each BCOAUG member or vendor will designate one individual to act as its primary contact. By doing so, this indicates an organization's interest to participate in BCOAUG. If an individual can no longer serve as the primary contact, he or she will communicate to BCOAUG who will replace them. By not identifying a primary contact, an organization has effectively withdrawn from BCOAUG. To join BCOAUG, an organization simply needs to identify a primary contact and supply their email address or fax number.

A primary contact's responsibilities include:

  • Being the single point of contact between BCOAUG and an organization's staff and management. This includes disseminating information about BCOAUG events and fielding queries and calls from fellow members or vendors.
  • Holding the BCOAUG vote for their organization.

Each BCOAUG member or vendor organization has a single vote. Quorum for any changes to this charter is 1/3 of the primary contacts with at least 2 calendar months advance notice to all primary contacts before such a vote is to occur.

Executive Committee
The executive committee operates BCOAUG. This committee is composed of the following:

  1. Executive Chair: responsible for overall operations, promoting BCOAUG to new members and vendors, liaison with Oracle and other OAUGs, and assuring the ongoing viability of the BCOAUG.
  2. Membership Coordinator: responsible for maintaining the BCOAUG membership list and dealing with arising membership issues.
  3. Communication Coordinator: responsible for the BCOAUG web site and creating and publishing all BCOAUG communication.
  4. Programs Coordinator: responsible for the detailed logistics for the upcoming meeting.

It is the intention the Executive Committee be comprised of members as much as possible with the vendor community providing a supporting role to the executive. At least one of the standing members of the Executive Committee must have membership in the International OAUG. The Executive Committee is nominated and elected for a two-year term (starting in the first meeting of the calendar year) by a simple majority vote of BCOAUG members and vendors. A BCOAUG primary contact, which is not seeking an Executive Committee position, will act as the returning officer for the election proceedings. The outgoing Executive Chair or a majority of the primary contacts will select the returning officer the last meeting of the calendar year.

Meeting times, venues and frequencies are at the discretion of the Executive Committee.